What is MiniManuscript?

MiniManuscript connects a database of published academic papers to all related online content. It is openly editable and free to use!

Our mission is to bring academic literature to life: giving you the key points from a paper, press coverage, explanatory videos, audio clips and much more. This can help you choose which papers to read, see which findings are making the biggest impact and make those findings easier to digest.

Have you written a paper? If so, you can use MiniManuscript to make it stand out from all the other articles out there. Upload images from the project, post audio clips and videos that make your results more accessible.  

The Team

We are a mini team with a BIG vision: a group of academics with a passion for public engagement and collaboration.

Dr Jake Fairnie

Dr Jake Fairnie

COO & Co-Founder

Dr Anna Remington

Dr Anna Remington

CEO & Co-Founder

Melissa Bovis

Melissa Bovis

Head of Communications

Fintan Nagle

Dr Fintan Nagle