Elizabeth 1st - Her Wardrobe and Its Symbolism
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Dress historian explains Elizabethan fashion
Samantha Bullat
Queen Elizabeth 1st Makeup
English Heritage
The Propaganda of Elizabeth's Jewelry
Dora Thornton (The British Museum)
Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd
Janet Arnold
The Elizabethan Image: An Introduction to English Portraiture
Roy Strong
2019Yale University Press
Dress in the Age of Elizabeth 1
Jane Ashelford
1988Batsford LTD
Symbolism in portraits of Queen Elizabeth 1st
Royal Museums Greenwich
2022Royal Museums Greenwich
Gloriana: Portraits of Queen Elizabeth 1st
Roy Strong
1987Thames & Hudson
Symbolism in Elizabeth's Portraits
Rebecca Larson
2016Tudor Dynasty Website
Elizabeth I and the Power of Image
Mark Cartwright
2020World History Encyclopaedia
Making a Queen: The Symbolic Imagery of Elizabeth 1st's Reign
Special Collections Staff
2019William and Mary
Fashioning the Virgin Queen
Dr Christina Faraday
2022Khan Academy
Elizabeth 1st - Queen of PR
Claire Ridgeway
2010Elizabeth Files
Analysing Portraits / Historical Association
Melanie Jones
2010Historical Association
Elizabeth I: fashion and beauty | Royal Museums Greenwich
Royal Museums Greenwich
2022Royal Museums Greenwich
Power and Intimacy: Elizabeth I and Her Court | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education
Oxford University
2022Oxford University
What Messages Are Hidden in the Armada Portraits of Elizabeth I? | History Hit
Alice Loxton
2022History Hit
Elizabeth I: Portraying the Virgin Queen’s Rise to Power
Marie-Madeleine Renaud
2022The Collector
Tudor History Diploma Course - Centre of Excellence
Centre of Excellence
2022Centre of Excellence
The Boleyn Women
Elizabeth Norton
2017Amberly Publishing
Elizabeth I - Englands Greatest Queen Documentary - YouTube
The People Profiles
Elizabeth I Portraits The POWER of Image Symbolism of The Virgin Queen - YouTube
Fabulous Women in History
Mary Beard on the Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I - YouTube
Mary Beard
The Armada Portrait and Symbolism | Picture Yourself - YouTube
Royal Museums Greenwich