The minimanuscript guide to...


How do you go about finding content on MiniManuscript?


You’ll see a search box on every page. On the homepage this is located in the middle of the page, and for every other MiniManuscript page it can be found in the header, to the right of the MiniManuscript logo.


Simply type the search term that you are looking for and then tap enter, or click the magnifying glass logo button, to see the results.


Once the search results page is displayed, you can sort the list in various ways –  such as by relevance, author or date.


If you want to refine your search, you can use the ‘advanced search’ function. This is accessed by clicking the down arrow on the right of any search box.


On the ‘Advanced Search’ page, you can choose to search by a wide range of different fields, such as keyword, author, year, journal and so on. 


In your search results you will see a list of papers that match your search terms.


Next to each search result item - is the MiniManuscript icon. This indicates that the item has content uploaded. This could be a text summary, a video, a podcast, a news piece and so on.


However, when the MiniManuscript logo is greyed out – this indicates that there is currently no content uploaded for that particular paper.


If you only want to view papers that have some MiniManuscript content available, you can use the ‘Filters’ function and tick the “Has MiniManuscript Content” box.


Once you have found the specific paper you are looking for, simply click on that item to be taken through to the PaperFeed.


Note that if you can’t find the paper you are looking for, you can click on the “Add Manuscript” button on any search results page to enter the details manually.