The minimanuscript guide to...

Saving to Favourites, Reading List, PDF or Tracking a PaperFeed

MiniManuscript offers each user their own filing system within their account. You can save PaperFeeds like you do with folders on your computer. In this way you can organise your favourite materials so that you can easily keep track and access the summaries you are reading for any given project.


Simply click ‘Save’ and you will be asked whether you want to save to Favourites, save to a Reading List or if you would prefer just to download an individual summary to PDF.


To access your Favourites and Reading Lists – simply click on your username in the top right of any MiniManuscript page and select the ‘My Library’ option in the dropdown menu.


You can create folders to store all your Favourite PaperFeeds, and Reading Lists can be shared with other MiniMansucript users or emailed out to a group of email addresses.


If you want to know when a PaperFeed is edited, commented on or any additional related media is uploaded, you can opt to ‘track’ it. This means you will receive email notifications every time another user edits or adds content to that particular PaperFeed.