The minimanuscript guide to...


To add content – like a text summary, a video, an image or a press clip - to particular PaperFeed you will first need to find the paper using the search function and then click on it to be taken to the page associated with that paper.


Note that if you can’t find the paper you are looking for, you can click on the “Add Manuscript” button on any search results page to enter the details manually.


Every MiniManuscript PaperFeed page has the option to “Add item related to this paper” or “Add or Edit” the text summary.


When adding a text summary – simply enter the title for each section that you wish to create and then add text in the ‘Content’ box underneath that.


The key here is to enter the main details of the article. For a Psychology paper this might be a brief summary of the methods and results … but you can add additional sections using the ‘Add section’ button. Try to keep brief and factual and save your personal opinions and interpretation for the ‘Discussion Thread.’


Once you have added in all the details you want to, click save.


You can also edit text summaries that already exist – similar to editing the text on a Wikipedia page. Multiple users contributing to the same text summary means the MiniManuscript summaries get better and better over time, and can really benefit future users.


You can also upload or link to images, add YouTube and Vimeo videos, link to press clips and upload or link to audio files. Simply click on the button relating to the type of media you want to add, fill in the details on the subsequent pop-up box and then click ‘Create’ to add the item to the PaperFeed.


Authors – this is a great tool for you to promote your publications. Make your work more accessible by uploading explanatory videos, sound bites, new material and link to all that obscure press coverage that is often difficult to find.


As with the text summaries, you can rate, save, flag, track, share and discuss all the media content.


There is the option to see who has contributed to the summary by expanding the ‘Contributor’ section on the right hand column of every PaperFeed page. This section reveals a list of users who have worked on it. Hovering over a username will display additional information about them, such as academic status and the number of summaries they have contributed to.


Images displayed next to usernames can provide some additional information about that user. For example, a green tick icon is similar to the verified account tick on Twitter in that it indicates that the MiniManuscript team has verified that the academic status the user is claiming is correct.


Note that if you are an original author of the paper - make sure you tick the appropriate box on the edit page.


If you want to see what each user has done to a particular summary, clicking on the history icon will display all the previous versions of the summary.


Lastly, next to the summary you have a link to the original manuscript and a collection of related articles that might be of interest.