The minimanuscript guide to...


Once you have set up a MiniManuscript account, you can keep track of your settings and preferences by clicking on your username in the top right of any MiniManuscript page and then selecting the ‘Account’ option from the dropdown menu.


Here you will have the option to change details like your Institutional affiliation and academic status. You can also choose what personal information is displayed to other users.


For quality control purposes on posted content (namely text summaries, comments and PaperFeeds) we require that academic status and username remain visible to other users.


On your ‘Account’ page you will also see the number of contributions you have made, the number of PaperFeeds you are tracking and the number of items saved in your reading lists and favourites.


Your ‘Account’ page is also where you will be able to change your password and email address.


If you decide you no longer want your MiniManuscript account there are two options for you:


Firstly, you can deactivate your account. This will convert all your contributions to an ‘inactive user’ and your username and personal information will no longer be associated with content and contributions you have made. You will no longer receive communications from us and your personal preferences will be stored so that if you ever want to start using MiniManuscript again - you can reactivate your account, claim back ownership of your content and carry on where you left off. 


The second option is to permanently delete your account. This will remove your personal information and preferences - including saved summaries AND all your content and contributions will be assigned to our ‘inactive user account.’ Once you have done this your content can no longer be reclaimed. If you decide to sign up for a new account you will have to make a fresh start.